Workshops & Education

Linzy offers a broad range of workshops, classes and masterclasses and facilitates for a number of organisations including The Old Vic Bristol, Project Action Potential Cardiff, Dance Center Mons, Belgium, IntoUniversity and VAULT Festival.

She is available for cover, regular practice, private training and one offs.


Drawing from a broad range of dance and movement investigations, Linzy offers classes designed to ignite curiosity, highlight the joy that lies in movement and to help fuel and give tools for strong, physical and explorative creative dance practice.

B-Lab facilitated by Linzy for BIDE 2016. Photo: Tristan Perez-Martin

Linzy’s classes aim to create an environment that is safe, joyful, playful and inquisitive  through the exploration of technical, creative and somatic dance and movement. This philosophical investment in her facilitation means that regardless of age, ability or skill set, Linzy delivers workshops and classes that work to allow the body to move, learn and explore at it’s best.

Classes draw from improvisation score, release technique, floor work, ballet, contact improvisation, multi-sensory and cross modal influence within choreography.

Available for regular classes, masterclass or workshops in a number of contemporary dance techniques, creative improvisation and choreography.

 Current Sessions

VAULT Festival Workshop – Sensory embodiment in choreography

Current Sessions

Release Technique and Creative improvisation: Project Action Potential, Cardiff, Wales. Thursday Evenings. Closed group.

Contact Improvisation at DMAC Studios Hamilton House, Bristol.                                         Sunday evenings 5pm-6:30pm. Linzy is one of a rolling roster of facilitators for this session.

Creative Improvisation for Parents and Tots / Ballet 2 – 4 years / Adult Ballet Beginners: Glastonbury, Somerset. Cover.

Workshops,  Masterclasses and Interactive

VAULT Festival 2017 presents BitterSuite Masterclass: Sensory Embodiment in Devised Theatre Making. SOLD OUT

Dance Centre, Mons, Belguim: Introduction to Floor Technique for Beginners 12+                 WATCH HERE for trailer for Intro to Floor Technique.

Keep Fit Fandango! with Simon Panrucker – Aerobic musical fitness and its bassiest best. WATCH HERE

Femi Oyewole’s Paint Party! – Multi-sensory improvisation workshop/experience with live improvised accompaniment. Dates TBC                                                                                         WATCH HERE