Dance & Theatre

Interested in multi-sensory performance, collaborative practice, site-specific work and dance theatre, Linzy has performed for and currently enjoys performing for an array of dance, theatre and site-specific work.

She currently dances for Multi-Sensory Immersive company BitterSuite, of which she is also a creative producer for.

Photo Credit: Wilderness 2015
The Sensory Score at Wilderness Festival 2015 .

To find out more about BitterSuite and their work please visit: 

Linzy has an array of experience performing in traditional and non-traditional spaces and has performed and also presented her own work in New York, Belgium, Italy, Barcelona, Switzerland and across the UK .

Linzy has had the pleasure of working with and under direction of:

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Dance /  Zoi Dimitriou Dance Company / Mata Sakka for Sasha Waltz & Guests / Batel Megan / Laura Ganotis &Natalie Sloth Richter (Open Roof) / Anna Pearce (Bittersuite/Stop Gap) / Mufti Games for The Eden project / Artful Badger / Simon Panrucker’s Keep Fit Fandango! / Simply Rouge for Wilderness festival / TENANT Films for Sons of Kemet / Matthias Sperling / Lavish Designs for Lattitude Festival / Anna Williams / Lisa May Thomas /

Excited to push physical boundaries, Linzy enjoys making work on a spectrum of movement from highly visceral to the subtle and sometimes the silly. She has extensive experience working in unusual spaces inclusive of rooftops, festival fields, shopping centres, parks, peoples living rooms, gigs, community halls and also tradition stage spaces. Always wanting to explore her practice Linzy attends regular professional development classes, workshops and lectures.