Floorwork workshop

Introduction to Floorwork

In collaboration, Linzy and Natalie Sloth Richter (DK) have produced an Introductory to Intermediate level Floorwork class adaptable for all ages and skill sets.

Using yogic, release based techniques and influences from flying low and tumbling, Linzy and Natalies Floorwork Workshop introduces the concepts of softening into, releasing, entering and pushing away from the floor so as to prepare the body for a fluid, dynamic and efficient movement practice.

This workshop can be adapted to all skills from complete beginners to pre-professional vocational dancers of all ages and abilities. It is suitable, but not exclusive to dance centres, schools, summer schools and arts centre settings. We are happy to discuss and adapt for any needs when creating a workshop and would love to hear from you if this is something you are interested in!

If you would like to host our workshop and/or invite us to teach, please contact Linzy or Natalie on the below emails for more information:

Linzy Na Nakorn: linzy.na.nakorn@gmail.com

Natalie Sloth Richter: natalieslothrichter@gmail.com


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