Keep Fit Fandango @ Mini Vault Festival!

Keep Fit Fandango! hits Mini Vaults Festival this weekend with our family friendly interactive show – come sweat some shapes with us!

The Show

Keep Fit Fandango are Bristol’s bassiest exercise group – here to help you lose your troubles, your marbles, and nearly infinite calories in a riot of dance, colour and electronic beats.

Team leader Simon Panrucker sets the tempo and jazzes the crowd up, and the whole gang totally invigorate every single body with frenzied and ridiculous dance routines. All fitness levels and physical abilities are welcome! When he’s danced until his legs are jelly, Simon Panrucker can be found writing songs for Cartoon Network’s hit show Clarence.

The rest of the gang can be found clowning around in Bristol’s flourishing performance scene, causing mischief and joyful mayhem all over the flippin’ place. Dancing is encouraged for anyone who is alive. Get your shorts on, let’s sweat some shapes!

‘Babysitter told me last night my 8 year old was not asleep at midnight .. but performing Keep Fit Fandango for the other kids. What have you done?!!!’
(KFF Facebook Comment)

For more info follow the link below:

Gallery – Keep Fit Fandango! @ Wilderness, Somersault Festival and Larmer Tree Festival 2015


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