BitterSuite Tour Dates and Tickets Released!

BitterSuite Tour Dates!

Very excited to announce dates for BitterSuite’s The Sensory Score for Summer 2015!

BitterSuite explore the combination of synaesthesia and graphic notation to make choreographed sensory experiences set to music. Particularly focusing on how sensory stimulation can enhance a listeners experience of and engagement with classical music. Can one sense enhance the experience of the other – and how? Projects include an R+D in collaboration with Sense UK – funded by the Arts Council, a multi-sensory concert for Debussy’s String Quartet in G (featured in The Guardian and on BBC Radio three); sensory music education projects funded by Sound Connections and others.

Watch here:

BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment by teasing your senses in time with the music

Lynsey Winship, The Guardian

The Sensory Score

After BitterSuite’s success at FutureFest this year we’re proud to bring ‘The Sensory Score’ to Rich Mix, London.

The Sensory Score

Rich Mix, London

Date: 7:30pm, 8:15pm, 9pm + 9:45pm 31st July 2015


Wilderness Festival 6th – 9th August 2015

For Wilderness ticket holders only: Saturday & Sunday – see website for times


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